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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is an idea I was revisiting whilst thinking about Big Draw. These are facial features collaged onto sheets of acetate. As you lay the sheets on top of each other, the face begins to built. The idea was to introduce primary school children to location of the various facial features. If you have different features ready made you can change expressions and deliberately misplace them. Kind of like these books with the split pages where you mix one person's body with someone else's legs.

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Cut and shunt

Whenever I made anything it tends to hang about for a LONG time before it has it's public debut. Sometimes it never does. I'm a big fan of outsider art and they do say the definition of a true outsider is for their art to be discovered posthumously. Trying to ensure I don't qualify.

Anyway, these were four bits, two drawn and two stitched that I decided to combine. The top one is called The Blues and the bottom one is called Electric Woman.

Mood swings? What mood swings?

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Drawing without line

These are two printing techniques. The figure is printed with the side of a square of cardboard and black ink. The idea is to draw without drawing a line if you see what I mean. Okay, I did cheat a bit but I didn't drag it to make the lines, I did print them. The nose is a kind of pointillist technique of hundreds of little monochrome daubs. Think it's my favourite.

Big Draw 2009

I'm going to be providing in-service training for primary school teachers in order that Big Draw can be rolled out across schools in my area come October. For inspiration I've been looking back at some experimental drawing methods I've tried in the past. This drawing was done with glue initially and then I dumpted some leaf mold on top of it. The close up is of the hair. I did this years ago and don't treat it with any reverence. I must say I'm very impressed with the way the leaf mold has survived the 'under the bed' experience.

Hurrah and huzzah!!!!!!

Blogger has locked me out for months but I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yoooooooooooooooo! off to take some photos so I can tell you what I'm up to.