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Friday, March 28, 2008


The boys in my jewellery making class are becoming bored. Not too surprising. Boys and jewellery making are three words not usually found in the same sentence, or am I being sexist?
Anyway, I thought they might find it a little more entrancing if they used boy type materials. Now I definitely am being sexist. I messed about and made a belt from bicycle tyre inner tube, cable ties and a bit of wood I found that looks like a horses head or some kind of wooden animal.

Being a girlie, I could resist foiling in a little golden eye with my hot glue gun then hot glue fever took over and I foiled the whole darn thing. Slight flaw in my master plan..........when you stretch the rubber as you have to do to get it over the horses head, the foil falls off.

A mere detail!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sticky situation

Had a lovely time with my last lot of higher art students. The jewellery maker had fabulous success scooting hot glue onto cold water. You float on the surface of the water anything you want to trap in the hot glue. This girl used sequins and glitter but as you can imaging, the possibilities are endless!

Obviously there are huge health & safety issues here. Electrical appliances and water do not mix. I've since acquired a cordless hot glue gun. I've not had a chance to try it out yet but I'll let you know.

This young lady is adding strings of beads to her t-shirt

Sweetie papers trapped by machine stitching in pelmet vilene to make a lampshade.

I'm now working with a group of challenged children. Supposed to be making jewellery but we're veering off into the realms of graffiti. Should be interesting.