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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


You don’t need me to tell you times is tough right now.  I’ve taken to making a lot more of my own jewellery for my little shoppee and I do love buying gemstones.  My good buddies took me to the Edinburgh Bead Fair for the first time recently where I spied some irresistible Picasso Jasper.  Large beads as a rule are too heavy to form a necklace in the normal way but one stone on its own can look stunning.  Each one of these looks like a little landscape or seascape………to me, but obviously not to the person who drilled them.  The result is I have quite a few landscapes and seascapes rotated at a 45 degree angle.  Horizon vertical instead of horizontal. Guess that it makes it the verrison?

Was wondering what to do about my gemstone dilemma when this book came to my attention.   I’m teaching myself how to attach a silver bail to the stone,  bringing the horizon back to a less dizzying angle.

I run workshops about how to wrap sea glass with silver wire.  I have one happening this Saturday.  So far I haven’t offered any of my wire wrapped jewellery for sale.  I’ll be interested to see if it takes anyone’s fancy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

P1010761 I’ve finally managed to get Livewriter to work properly and insert photos for me.  Maybe this will revitalise my blogging life which has faded to a shadow of it’s former self.  Unlike me, I’m pleased to say.  I’m fit as a flea, or at least a flea with a sore bum.  After investigating the world of chronic pain I realise I am extremely fortunate and much blessing counting is called for.   grey hairred hairRed or grey?  Whatcha reckon?

Never enough tea

P1010569Don’t you find? Never a tea cup big enough for your requirements?  I like one I can bathe in.  Even if it is only  up to my waist.  Cheers!