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Friday, April 23, 2010

Another fine mess!

If life is too short to shrink hats, life is definitely too short to knit lace. People rave about knitting lace. I tried, I really did but then I needed the pins for something else (oh, THAT old excuse). I was about to squash my 9,8652 stitches onto a safety pin for completing at a later date when I thought, who am I kidding? Just cast the blinking thing off and cut your losses, not to mention your lovely Shetland yarn.

I had heard tell that you fall back in love with your lace once it’s blocked and yes, simple though it is, a can see it as thing of beauty. But the joy for me is knowing that I will never have to knit lace again.

Bring on the super bulky.

Shrunken Head

Of course my hat is the right size. It’s my head that’s shrunk.

I did indeed wear it in the shower whilst violently rubbing my head with old vegetable net. I boiled it,

(the hat, not my head),I plunged it into cold water, I threw it about the place and it still flatly refused to shrink.

Life is too short to fight with it any more. I gave it to it’s lucky recipient who will just have to grow a new head. I have other plans. A bit of housework might be a good idea, judging by this shot…

Saturday, April 17, 2010

That shrinking feeling

I have been trying my hand at a shrink to fit Noro hat from Debbie Stroller’s Happy Hooker. My front loader just isn’t man enough for the job I suspect perhaps it washes at a cool temperature. The machine is so old all the instructions have worn off. I’m not quite up to felting by hand at the moment but I did think I’d put some bubble wrap and the reluctant hat in the bottom of the shower stall tomorrow.

Now who can I get to take the picture? Before felting….very attractive

After two goes in my rotten washing machine. Would make a lovely cake cosy or a hat for the elephant man.