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Friday, April 23, 2010

Another fine mess!

If life is too short to shrink hats, life is definitely too short to knit lace. People rave about knitting lace. I tried, I really did but then I needed the pins for something else (oh, THAT old excuse). I was about to squash my 9,8652 stitches onto a safety pin for completing at a later date when I thought, who am I kidding? Just cast the blinking thing off and cut your losses, not to mention your lovely Shetland yarn.

I had heard tell that you fall back in love with your lace once it’s blocked and yes, simple though it is, a can see it as thing of beauty. But the joy for me is knowing that I will never have to knit lace again.

Bring on the super bulky.


Anonymous said...

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Evie said...

No matter where it ends up, I'm amazed at what you've knitted - patience really is a virtue!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Evie, you're knitting is beautiful but I do understand you're sentiments on knitting lace. I so desperately wanted to learn basic knitting and just couldn't get the hang of it. After many frustrating attempts I finally asked myself why am I doing this? I gladly gave my needles to a friend who knits and was very happy in the knowledge I never had to pick them back up again :)

grumpy but gorgeous said...

i agree evie, its taken some patients to compete that, at least i guess you will know where you went wrong for the next time you do it xxx