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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Environmental art

We haven't had all that many adventures to add to our culinary tour of Scotland so for this year, but we had a doozey today. We visited what used to be the Royal Hotel at Tignabruich. Its new owners had made it look very exclusive and it was. But there was also something fishy about it. You could have fish, fish or fish. No chips. Always a bad sign. You could have the set menu of soup, fish and pudding or the a la carte which was fish. A large portion or a small portion, but still fish. And just fish. If you want to go a la carte, your whole table had to do it. No cheapskates were aloud to have the set menu. And no, you couldn't have the soup first. That was on the set menu. Fawlty Towers eat your heart out!

The beach however was a mecca of finds and environmental art. We found an installation already made. It really did look arty although it looks like a random, windblown collection in the photo here. I added a rusty park plug to it set off with a piece of matching china.

Found a great rusty, old engine too.
Next door to the fishy hotel there was a retailing throwback. A traditional drapers and clothiers. Shut unfortunately with this FABULOUS point of sale thread display lying on the counter. It was a big drum full of small reels of thread and had the shop been open I would have made them an offer.

I Found three of these which I believe are collector's items. Do you know what they are? Old lemonade bottle stoppers.

Despite your fishy lunch, we did find some things to make us smile.

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nadine said...

Ooh Sally. the lemonade bottle stoppers would make marvellous rings. Lucky You !