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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Keep your sunny side up

I nearly made a dreadful whoopsie at felt school yesterday. Here is all the soft felt disappearing under the first layer of tops that will eventually become the background. We are making our wall hanging like an upside down pizza, to be flipped over when complete. These pictures were taken after the mistake had been rectified. Can you guess what it was? I was strolling round admiring all the lovely surface decoration on the soft felt pieces. Surface decoration that was rapidly being smothered by a snowdrift of background tops....

'Stop!' I hollered. 'Turn all your soft felt over so the best side is facing the table. The tops on top is going to become the tops on the bottom!'

And they wonder why kids today are confused.....

Having rectified my error the kids all achieved three clouds of fleecy tops lying over the offending pieces. We damped our clouds with warm water - and the bell rang. Timing couldn't have been worse.

From my dim and distant felt making past I can remember heating cold and wet pieces up in the microwave before I started felting them again but won't be an option for us. Guess we'll just have to add more hot water and hope for the best.

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