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Friday, January 16, 2009

Two right hands

Spotted the 'deliberate' mistake yet? Apart from this slight thumb misplacement blip this, my first foray into magic loop knitting has been a big success. I always thought a magic loop was a piece of equipment. Did wonder why I never say them for sale anywhere. But no, its a technique for knitting small diameter circular items on b-i-i-i-g (as in distance apart) circular needles.

I had asked for a set of interchangeable circs for my Christmas and they are so beautiful I was desperate to use them. I found this lovely lady on Utube and the mysteries of magic loop were revealed. I'm definitely a convert. I do suffer from needle dropsy and am forever rummaging under car seats and down the sides of couches. I often come up with some interesting and stick finds - but no more! My undroppable circular needle has made a new woman of me and with a little bit of frogging, I'll soon be magic looping again. Great free pattern by the way.

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ambermoggie said...

It is a great way to knit circular items Sal, I'd never go back to 4 needles now. Makes short work of socks also