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Monday, October 19, 2009

Felted flowers

Not a huge difference between felted and unfelted, in fact, almost indiscernible to the naked eye. This is Lamb's Pride. Thought it was supposed to felt at the drop of a tap? It certainly splices beautifully.

I only learned how to splice recently and in case, like me, you've lived to this age without the knowledge......

You unravel the two ends of yarn you wish to join always presuming it is of a suitable felty type. Then, the instructions I originally found said, you spit on it. Now I'm anti spitting. Violently anti spitting. If there are any spitting related incident on the TV I have to leave the room. I was explaining this hindrance to successful splicing to a colleague who does a lot of knitting in public and she explained the alternative. You enmesh the two unravelled end with each other and run then between your lips in a lady like manner. This particular pal makes her own roll ups so it's kind of like licking your Rizzlers. Much more ladylike than actually gobbing in your hand.

So..............having covered the wetting down aspect of splicing in more detail that strictly necessary, you rub the two wet ends briskly between the palms of your two hands and they miraculously felt together! It's my favourite party trick at the moment although obviously it doesn't work with super wash or yarns with a low wool content.

Still, I think I prefer the slightly more matt felted flower in contrast with the very openwork scrarf. I may chuck the flowers in the washing machine a second time or even give them a quick going over with the sander. Now there's an idea!


Helen said...

HAHAHAHA! Wonder who that was :-)
How's the back?

Tina Holden said...

So how do you felt so stitches are not discernable?? I haven't been able to get mine to either and am using felting wool!