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Monday, August 08, 2011

Turning my fingers green

I've been Rambling up many a hill since I spoke to you last and even made myself a water bottle holder.  That's been my only sewing project although the workroom had been tidied with a bit of a dress making spree in mind.

What has been taking up most of my time is my new allotment.  All raised beds so no digging.  People plant very picturesquely in anything that will hold some soil.  All manner of bags and totes.  I planted in my knitted plastic bag last night.  Plenty of holes for drainage.

I took over an existing bed of tomatoes, courgettes, beetroot and onion and have added some leeks and lettuce and planted out my tatties (Scottish potatoes) for Christmas in patio bags.  I was bemoaning the fact that wooden fish boxes no longer exist and a kind friend made me one.  I planted some herbs in it although it as very shallow, this being the nature of a fish box.

I am a complete novice to this lark but the joy of allotment gardening is the community and the shared knowledge.  I’m down there every night at the moment, hoovering up as much knowledge as I can.  My dear, sweet partner keeps pointing out to me that it’s not brain surgery, nobody dies if you get it wrong.

Tell that to the courgettes!

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Irene McCormack said...

The allotment looks fabulous - this is the first I have heard of the Fairlie project and I live just up the road! Wish you much success, Sally.