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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Dave Webster original

My bro sent me a painting for Christmas with which I was well pleased. Nice sunny colours. I hung it where I can see it every morning.

My next creative venture begins Jan 9th when I'll be making some life sized puppets with a class of primary kids. Beginning to feel a bit apprehensive. These things always involve a lot of preparation but I can't even get near that until I have tackled the dump that is my workroom. If it's in a real bad mess I use the 'ten thing' clear up technique. I tell myself I'm just going to pick up and put away the first ten things that come to hand. By the time you've done that, you're into it. If not, just pick up ten more, and ten more....
This is a mock up of the kind of paper cut out puppet I'm going to make with the kids. At the moment I'm trying to collect lots of copies of the Financial Times (not my usual bedtime reading) which makes great skin (all the kids involved white). Colour supplements will make the clothes and stuff. They are going to be jumping jacks, the kind of puppets that wave their arms and legs the air when you pull a string.


MargaretR said...
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MargaretR said...

You are a talented family Sal, I love your brother's work and also your puppet.
I think I shall need to start the ten thing before I can get on with my creativity.

ambermoggie said...

love the puppet idea Sal and your painting is very inspiring, what a lovely gift