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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mess, scarves and water babies

Here's my latest crochet experiment. I'm trying to teach myself and it's very much a learning experience. I formed this scarf into a tube and you can pop your hands into the furry ends, so to speak. Made me think about muffs particularly as I was taken for hurl in an open topped car the other day. A muff that lives in the car would be useful for cold days.

You can't create in a vacuum, nor with a vacuum...
I'm having a day off tomorrow with the express purpose of getting into the nightmare that is my workroom and making it a calm space suitable for creative invention. In other words, I'll put everything away in order to haul it all out again. This is the preparation for the earnest beginning of my schools project. Please note the mock up of the life sized collage puppet hanging on the back of the door looking as if someone were to wave a magic wand, she could do the tidying up. I wish.

Shades of Charles Kingsley?
This is a work in progress which I noticed when I paid a visit to messy workroom recently. It's heading for an exhibition in April and is next on my to do list. It began life with the idea of Fry's Five Boy's chocolate, a confection from my youth.
It was going to be the same baby's head given five different treatments but it ground to halt after two. These are some background ideas. Now it has a distinct water babies feel to me.


Zaz said...

hej Sally - is it not possile to combine your ideas ??????? 5 boys (water babies or otherwise -) the lady with the arms, and the scarf ??? why fight in different directions - choose connections and follow the path!


MargaretR said...

Hi Sally, I agree with Sara. How about letting the class make more than one puppet too? I find my second attempt at something much better than the first.
I remember making puppets with a group using Robin Hood as starting point. You could choose something more exciting for today's kids. Couldn't you develop this into a play setting by painting the background in the next lesson or 2? Maybe the English teacher would be grateful and have some input? I love your Smuff!

Gill said...

Thanks for allowing we non-bloggers to comment, Sally! I love being able to see what you're up to - amazing stuff! You have such a terrific ability to capture personality.
Seeing your bro's work reveals that the talent runs in the family too - quite a flavour of Gauguin (sp?) IMHO.

wee willy said...

Hey Sal,
The blogs looking good. I showed it to Dave today, and he is very excited. He may join you in blog land some time soon.
Its all about sock puppets!