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Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's enough to make you scream

I am a very, very messy worker. I never put anything any when I'm finished with it and by the end of a project my workspace is trashed. When clothes and shoes begin to mysteriously disappear, I know something must be done. But it's too ghastly to contemplate. So I work the ten items a day routine until it's bearable. You're not allowed to choose. Choice is paralysing. You just walk into the room, pick up the first thing you find and put it away. You have to do that ten times before you can leave the room. Eventually you start to get in the zone and ten things become twenty until serenity reigns once again. But nothing creative can happen until that time.

Went to do my ten things for today and took photos instead! I'm the past master of displacement activity.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

This is a very tidy mess you have cultivated with care.....privately I do untidy mess very well....I learnt how to do that from students I teach. My classroom is impeccabley and obsessively tidy though! How's that for dual personality?

Maggie H.

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs!! Spent ages pouring thru the photos...Cumbrae...holidays in Millport in yonder distant days!!You have a marvellous imagination, the stuff you do with the school children is fantastic!!
Found your site thru Zaz. Got a couple of her Ms T's. Can't leave her a message cos I am not a blogger. DotfromOz