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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hippy chic

I've finally finished the bag I've been crocheting and am well pleased with it. I'm off to Edinburgh College of Art for a week soon to play at being a student and it'll be just the job.

The chair it is lying on is a Victorian nursing chair that has come down through my family. The story is that one of my relatives was in service in Newfaugn Isle. When the house was broken up they were allowed to choose something to take as a memento. I've searched online using every spelling I can think of but can't find any reference to this fine establishment. Guess it'll have to say in the realms of legend. Nice chair though.


Penny said...

My parents have an almost identical Victorian nursing chair, also uphostered in green. I've never tried taking pictures using it.

MargaretR said...

A lovely bag and a lovely story to go with it.