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Monday, July 10, 2006


I love Noro yarns. They are reassuringly expensive and just a delight to work with. I do however feel racked with guilt. Here I am, in the heart of Scottish sheep country, getting crafty with yarn imported from Japan. Sinfull, wouldn't you agree?

On reflection, if I reviewed my list of past crimes and misdemeanors probably I could find something a lot more worthy of my guilt, therefore allowing me to crochet on with a clear conscience.


Gill said...

Sally, I love your reasoning!

It's so difficult to find good yarn made here though isn't it? Bought some stuff in NY only to find it had been exported to the US from Europe originally. And we are always "reimporting" cinnamon flavour Altoids - made in UK, but not sold here.

Toni said...

goodness knows where the wool came from, maybe Australia! anyway I agree it is a beautiful yarn.