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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Button it

The orange necklace on the left is the very lovely Jackie Brazil which I sell in my shop. The red/purple necklace on the right is my own bead and button version. If you want to try this, take four metres of some kind of waxed twine for a finished one metre length. I used waxed whipping twine from the chandlers. Thread a button on the centre as a fastener and tie an overhand knot. I learned how to ease my knots into place when restringing customer's pearls (ghastly job, avoid it at all costs). You lightly tie your knot and slip a large needle in the centre, then ease your needle up tight against the button or bead. Knot slips quite nicely when your twine is waxed. From here you thread one piece of twine through the button/bead, lay the other over the top and overhand knot as you go. Have fun!

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MargaretR said...

That's a lovely necklace Sally. I found my son's DB has been making beads this week and I'm getting more enamoured with her by the minute. We are thinking of joining a local beading class when it starts in the Autumn.