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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Russian about

Only a tiny little adventure today I'm afraid. Believe it not there is on the Island of Bute in the middle of the river Clyde a Russian cafe. I've been dying to check it out for months but could never drag my dearly beloved over the threshold. He wanted to check out an imposing hotel high on the hills above Rothesay. We tossed a coin for it and he won.....or so he though.

The Ardmory didn't have much in the way of kerb appear or cars in the car park at lunchtime which should have run alarms bells right there. Empty except for the resident paying guest whom the maitre di addressed as Major, this was not all it had in common with Faulty Towers. The grub was pretty obviously straight from freezer to deep fat fryer.

As his penance I dragged him a little further along the coast to the Russian cafe for drinks so he could see it wasn't nearly as scarey as he anticipated. Not only was it small and friendly but the owner told us he baked his own bread, had fresh crab and lobster on offer and home made puddings(sigh) Next time.


Helen Suzanne said...

sounds a wonderful cafe and the bread reference is a reminder for me to start doing that again

Anonymous said...

This Russian Tavern was recommended by Colin Clydesdale (of Ubiquitous Chip fame) in December's edition of HOMES AND INTERIORS magazine, and also was the subject of lengthy discussion by Chris Evans & Co on BBC Radio 2
all about the higghland cattle beef served there. Roger Mortimer (the journalist) is a fan too:
Happy Easter!
Sylvia Penderson,