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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Drawing book

I've been playing about transferring one of the drawings, sadly not mine, to fabric. Plan is this will act as the book cover. The way I'm doing it is very simple. You just glue a fresh photo copy face down onto the fabric using matt medium gel. Once dry you soak off the paper and the image is left behind - in theory. It also involves a bit of rubbing to get rid of the paper. If you rub too hard, you take off the image, if you don't run hard enough, a white mist obscures the image once it starts to dry. This was a lovely blurry drawing before I started so the runs and blurs are not part of the transfer process. But I can tell you, blurry and even stronger words that that were being used this morning as I knelt beside the bath trying to make this £$%%@@@*&^ thing work!

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