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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mixed Media

Mixed media class was a big success.....for most people. Then we had the guy who announced he was here to learn oil painting and messing about with bits of paper (collage) did nothing for him. I apologised but explained I was only the hired help and suggested he speak to the organisers. He said he didn't want to do that and repeated his complaint. I repeated my answer. He repeated his complaint. I excused myself and said there were other people needing my attention. He made his complaint loudly to whole group. Fortunately he had no takers and eventually he left.

I then discovered this event is FREE to participants. And they were still complaining it wasn't to their liking. Cheeeze!

Thankfully all the other people were game for a laugh and launched into lots of alternative techniques even a kind of sgraffito on top of junk mail.

Did use all my eggs to fill today's basket so will have to scrape the bottom of my mixed metaphors barrel for mixed media class part 2 happening next week.

Between then and now I'm taking an alternative jewellery class for some very talented ladies. Well scary!


MargaretR said...

There is always one Sally!
I love that second one from the bottom.

Helen Cowans said...

Great work Sally - some people are unbelieveable! Helen

Zaz said...

Love the collages! and the story of the man - i think sometimes the organisers send in these morons just to test our patience skills !! You did right - and its another skill under yur belt!

Anonymous said...

Some people are never happy!

Theres some great work there!

bur said...

The chek of some people..

Well I think the collages rock!