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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hellooooo! No I haven't disappeared. I've just been experiencing creative inertia. As I live in Ayrshire this is actually quite a humorous play on words....honest. Well maybe it's a Scottish thing.
We were away on a buying trip for the shop and I'm not allowed to drive. I'm a woman for goodness sake! This is also a Scottish thing. A Scottish man thing. Anyway, it meant hours of endless crochet and here is the resulting jacket. The photographer wasn't in residence last evening and photographing your own back is a difficult process. My best advice to anyone attempting this would be make the bed first.
....or take the jacket off. Now why didn't I think of that? This is day two after one wash in the machine. Much better texture and very minor shrinkage. Had hoped for more. I may wash again.
And here I would like to introduce you to the most annoying crochet phenomenon I have come across so far. (If you are about to glaze over, call back later. Normal creative service will be restored shortly).
I came across reverse single crochet edging for the first time. You just do it backwards. JUST, she says, JUST! I hold my wool in the wrong hand usually, a la knitting, but for this process you must have yarn in left, garment in right. I mastered it and was very pleased with myself........... until the sleeves came along. One was fine, the other had one fancy edging on the inside rather than the outside. I tried turning my work, not turning my work, turning the sleeve inside out and then turning off from the whole thing and deciding enough was enough. I don't experience the kind of intimacy many with people which allows them to look inside my cuffs. You are the exception.


Fiona said...

creative inertia - LOL. I'm half Scottish but sadly I only have an English accent! love the colour of your jacket

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Come on now Sal, truth is out, You are a contender for the Tracy Emin prize for tidiest bed in Scotland!

How many hours were you on the road??? Well done for managing to get, the crochet finished. Great colour.
Best wishes


Papoosue said...

The jacket is gorgeous I must say - 'fair braw' in fact! But the reverse crochet bit - sounds too complicated for this Scot! x

Helen Cowans said...

Sally the cardi is gorgeous - wish I could crochet :)

tiger said...


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