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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tumbling your wilkies

Well that's what we called it in my Scottish childhood. Turning head over heels like Pooh here whom I found amongst my collection of inspirational ephemera.

Kit cars no longer hold any fear for me . Look out Lotus, here I come! Made me think maybe the whole linking, connecting thing is the way to go with these kinetic scultpures.

...and where/ how exactly does the dyed the fabric fabric figure? Still working on that one. Tried wrapping various objects with PVA soaked fabric strips. The plastic tubing is my personal favourite. Cut into wired section there is no limit to the number of ways this can be joined together.

Do you remember those cardboard circles with two holes and a string through the middle we used to spin between out hands as children? Here is my plastic tube and wire version. Fabric can either be attached sail fashion or the tubing pre-wrapped. This is not the best photo of one in motion. I included it so that I could draw to your attention to the lipstick on my workbench. Just because you are in an inspired frenzy of creativity there is no reason to let your standards slip girls. Now here are the snaps the photographer took while I smiled at him with my perfectly made- up lips. Kissy kissy.

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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

With such wonderful lippy..... why did he cut off your head???