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Sunday, August 05, 2007

What it is, is....

Here is one of the projects I'm currently driving myself daft with while I wait for the school to restart. It's big, fat crochet from Doris Chan's book Amazing Crochet Lace. I also need big arm muscles to lug around the three cones of wool I'm combining to make it. They are shown here stuffed into the foot well of my partner's tiny sports car leaving not a lot of room for feet, as you can see.

This is all very well but what it is, is (ahhh, must just interject here to tell you that in my profession, shopkeeping, any tale preceded by 'what it is, is....' is bad news. This is glaze over time, breath into your back time, make a mental shopping list time and resist the urge to shout yes, yes, what is it? Spit it out but just get ON with it!!!!!!!!! Perhaps I'm in the wrong profession?)

Anyway, what it is, is I want to make tiny, delicate proper crocheted lace but somehow I seem to be going in the wrong direction. A friend was wearing a fab crocheted cardi of this ilk the other day and I have asked for a copy of the pattern. I'll probably produce it in rope and turn it into a yurt instead.

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Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Could get a pair of shoes like on Gills blog... are they the latest crocs...... be even less room said feet in car.... but better for the boat?

Best wishes