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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Corking idea

I'm collecting kinetic bits and pieces at the moment to help me give my science/art kids ideas for making their artwork move. My brother Dave sent me a spring loaded woodpecker that wobbles up and down it's pole on a 'now I'm stuck, now I'm moving' kind of basis.

Here's my version. Mrs. Corky who wobbles up and down her knitting needle in a similar fashion - and no wonder after all the champagne she must have had to drink in order to secure such a curvaceous body!

Her head is a bead from from one of those back massaging car seat covers that used to be all the rage. I drilled a little hole half way through and glued in the spring. I tired lots of experiments with angle and length of spring. The shorter the spring, the faster she goes.It has to be pointing straight out at right angles to the knitting needle if you want her to b-y-o-n-g obligingly both up and down.

Come along now Mrs Corky. No need to loose your head....

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