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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hi! Just thought I'd stick my head over the yoga parapet to show you show the tricoloured shrug is progressing. The recent deafening blog silence is due to the fact that I'm up to my a---- (not, not in alligators) in yoga teacher training. This happens in the Buddhist centre. Very spacious and airy and welcoming....but not very warm. For two days on the trot we sit on the floor, a difficult thing to do at the best of times, giving our undivided attention to our lecturers. Not easy when your catching a draft on your thoracic spine. (You impressed I now where that is?)
Anyway, hence the shrug.
I was told off at a yoga seminar once for wearing black. Not nearly life enhancing enough. You can see I've taken this to heart and am using all three cones of my charity shop finds in combination, mixing and matching as I go. The very loosely interpreted pattern is from Amazing Crochet Lace by Doris Chan. An excellent book I would certainly recommend. This is my second garment from this book and I still want to make more. How often does that happen?
Now excuse me, I have triangles to revolve. Namaste.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Very impressive Sally... hope you are contolling your mullibanda(sp!). Right I must go back to back to practising my warrier sequence... this ashanti joga is hectic....thank god the HRT is conrolling the hot flushes.
Do experienced yogics have hot flushes? Namaste. Maggie

katelnorth said...

Humph. My yoga teacher always wears black - can't say it's ever made me want to chuck it. All the extra abdominal work last week, sure, but not the black...

Grumpy said...

Well hi there yogini stitching chums. All my bandhas are in full working order thank Maggie and the flushing has gone! Don't think I can put that one down to yoga but you never know.
I'm sure you have an abdomin to die for Kate!

Helen Suzanne said...

well you've all lost me (not difficult I know) with your bandanas but I do love you're colours in that there shrug Sally and love seeing the shot of you teaching - they're all looking like they're concentrating very hard.