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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hanging by a thread

Forgot my camera again! Oh dear me, I should just have it surgically attached to body. Anyway, mixed fortunes at felt school today. With joyful abandon I told the children decorate their uppermost pile of merino tops with some tapestry yarn. Unfortunately I forgot to tell them to place a few wisps of merino over the top to trap it in. After felting the yarn was not very securely attached. I don't want to harden this felt too much because eventually it will be cut, collaged and felted into a tops background. Decided that on Monday we'll have a stitching session to add a bit of decoration and catch down the yarn where necessary. Very good children might even get to use the sewing machine!

A bit unsure about where we go from there. We have to cut shapes from this stitched soft felt so do we just let the thread ends do their thing? Do we give it a wee wet rub with vegetable net before we cut it to bed the yarn in. I think that might be an idea. If you have experience or advice to offer, I would be very grateful.

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