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Monday, November 19, 2007

What a contrast

We had a bit of a chat about contrast at felt making school today before we finished the Kandinsky inspired collages for four four wall hangings. I explained it to them in language I hoped they would understand. In Scotland men fall into two categories. The two recognised greeting would be 'hello there big man' or 'how's it going wee man'. Contrast, if I'm not mistaken, big and wee. We elaborated on this.

I helped them remember the name of the artist who was inspiring us by imagining they were drinking a CAN at DINner time in the playground looking up at the SKY. Then we tackled that pesky K issue and adjusted our pronunciation. It seemed to work.

The kids are keeping a sketchbook throughout this project in which they will write each week what they have learned, how it made them feel and whether or not they enjoyed it. One boy asked me what you call it when you feel nothing so I told him the word he was looking for was numb and that was a perfectly valid way to feel. (Obviously I'm doing a grand job). I'm pleased to report his recorded feeling for today was happy so that's definite progress.

We had out first mass, hands on felt making trial today and the results were better than I had dared hope. On Friday everyone is making their own individual piece and I'll take more photographs. Feeling a lot more relaxed about the project now and can see success in sight. All feelings of numbness brought about by my fake it until you make it way of working have now evaporated.

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