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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whose that lady?

Sadly my bro has gone home but he leaves behind him a wonderful talking point. Makes me think of the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on. I have a comments book in my shop in which the many people admiring the mural are writing their comments...and you can add yours here of course!

I've included some close ups of her jewellery. It was made by embedding beads in wood filler. We started in a very orderly fashion becoming a bit chaotic towards the end. I do love the result though. Here's a link to the range of jewellery that inspired the project.


ambermoggie said...

wonderful Sal, a real eyecatcher and perfect for the shop:) You should maybe sell pictures of her:)

Liz said...

This is absolutely amazing Sally! Wow.

Sue said...

Thank you so much, our Sally,
For sharing what's up your alley.
The lady's divine
In her jewellery so fine:
Stupendous to see her finally!

Well done, Dave!

Dorothy said...

I think she's saying 'Hey YOU... get in here NOW! grin
Well done big Bro!

Carol said...

wonderful Sally, well done Sally's Bro :)

Will said...

Looking good.. Will certainly attract some attention to the shop.

Maybe you should commision a new one each year. Love the jewerlly embedded into the Mural...

I'm sure dad has lots of fun, he is always at his happiest doing art. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Gill said...

Good work, Bro!

Sally, I think you need cards...and an annual update, of course.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Gill has some good marketing ideas, its a great mural.. well done Sally and Bro.

nadine said...

What a fabulous mural, bravo !
what a wonderful feature for your shoppe.

your bro really does need to keep some business cards in your shoppe now. People will be asking for him, i'm quite sure.

MargaretR said...

Well done Big Bro! i bet this attracts a lot of people to your shop and as Nadine said, he will be in great demand wherever he goes.

Romilly said...

I'd follow her pointing finger to the door! Just because she's so neat herself.

I'm all for the selling pictures of her idea! I'd buy one (or three!)

Helen Suzanne said...

really cool wall art sally :D