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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Taking my hat off to Laura Reavis

We had a great knit night tonight. Two new ladies showed up and we crocheted preemie hats. How cute does this look sitting on my swift? Look a lot better sitting on a baby's head I guess. This is from an original design by Laura Reavis. You're welcome to use it for charity crafting. It's called Creative Preemie Hat
Did I mention I'm in the process of kicking my painkillers? It goes well but sleep goes completely. All I want to do is eat and part-aey! (and crochet-aey). Looking forward to the days when I happily slide off to bed at 9pm. Won't be long now!

1 comment:

Irene (gourockgal) said...

Hope sleep comes soon. Keep well.