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Saturday, June 04, 2011

My favourite canal

P1010688 I’ve been having root canal work done on my teeth.  I hate dentists but I love MY dentist.  Hhhhhmmm, Freudian!

Off to teach a seaglass jewellery workshop this morning.  Should be okay.  No chewing involved.  Not unless someone has forgotten their scissors.

Saw a great tip for cutting wire the other day.  Think it was the Crochet  Crowd vidcast  The tip was to cut your wire with your nail clippers.  Saves trashing your scissors.  In fact I believe this could be the self same implement my dentist used on me yesterday.  Maybe he left them in there? 

Open wide.

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Marcila Dare said...

How are your teeth now, then? Well, dentists would always remind us (or rather command) not to use our teeth in cutting things. In some cases, there are those who got their teeth crooked because of cutting threads or plastic using their teeth. How did the workshop go, btw?