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Friday, March 03, 2006

Blooming children

My next schools project is to make a hanging turning all the six year old children into flowers. We are going to photograph them and print out the results onto fabric, let the children choose what kind of flower they would like to be and stitch on their petals accordingly. It's going to be all their own work, including the design but this my first fly past the target, just to see if it would work in principal. Think it will.


joyce said...

brilliant Sally!

Holly @Home said...

Ah ..bit of a mis-read thought you were hanging all the six year olds ! When Mum worked as a volunteer at my school ( left at 8 to be home-educated) she tried to get them to do a big oil-pastel copy of a Van-gogh sunflowers.They did the tiniest littlt marks on the paper and she is doing big circles in the air ..on ..paper..on their heads ..all to no avail ..weird huh? Holly.

MargaretR said...

It's going to look fantastic Sally. Good to have you using Corel Photopaint as well and I think you make a lovely shy flower!

Grumpy said...

Always hard to persuade people not used to mark making to be bold. Can be a scary thing, a white piece of paper.

I enjoyed using Corel again Margaret. I must make more of an effort.