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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Puppets at bathtime

Reason number 29 not to get a new bathroom suite. The bath is my dye space, both hair and fabric. This morning I've been mixing disperse dyes in preparation for a workshop with the local branch of the Embroiderers' Guild next weekend. I have all kinds of weird and wonderful curtaining which we are going to have fun transforming from tacky to tantalising.

On the subject of tantalising, I couldn't resist pausing to have a puppet moment as I chopped up my curtaining. This isn't one of my inventions. It was a method taught to me by the Scottish Mask and Puppet centre. Tie five knots in a piece of fabric and you have an instant marionette. I can imaging a giant version as a wonderful installation.

Very spookily, a face appeared of it's own volition. Can you see it? None of my doing - all I did was tie a knot.


Zaz said...

love them Sally !!!!!!!! great spooky face - what potential!


Carol said...

Love it, and that face how spooky,

Gill said...

reminds me of those Venetian carnival masks, on a cloaked figure. Very creepy but very clever.

Grumpy said...

It is creepy isn't it? There is something very sinister about puppets when not in use.

Helen Cowans said...

love that face Sally. Helen