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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kandinsky revisited

As fate would have it, another school had asked me to help with a cross curricular art/music Kandinsky project. This time the medium is hand made felt. I used to make a lot of felt once upon a time. So much so that I completely sickened myself and eventually gave away all my equipment and materials and swore never to soap up another piece of bubble wrap in anger.

That was about ten years ago and olive oil soap has not sullied my hands since....until tonight. Half an our ago it was into the workroom and on with the dance. The idea is to make mosaic felt with the kids by soft felting one piece, cutting shapes out of it then re felting it into a new background along with various other kinds of surface decoration.

I'm pleased to say that after about half an hour's ham fisted fumbling, roughly equivalent to a twelve year old's first attempt, I had an acceptable piece of mosaic felt.. Phew! Relief! You'll have to excuse the dodgy colour palette. A small amount of merino tops managed to escape my cull and I had to use what was to hand. I'm going to stitch into it next to try and work out what other delights the kids could manage.

If anyone out there has experience of felt making with children, please mail me. You'll find my email in my profile. Thanks chums!

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