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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hitch Hiker's gloves

Guess what this is? It's my new prototype fingerless glove.

There is a row of treble crochet round about where the thumb should appear. You just stick your thumb between any two stitches takes your fancy

I want each glove to use exactly one ball of Lamb's Pride yarn - I don't really know why - so I'm going to add more ruffles. I'm also going to turn it at the end of each row instead of crocheting in the round for a neater finish.


Gill said...

Amazing Sal - hope you're going to sell the pattern! (yes, I did say "sell" - I want to buy it!)

Helen Cowans said...

fabulous! I'm with Gill on wanting to buy this pattern.

MargaretR said...

I want to buy it too Sal. I want the coat and the purplish wool to go with it though. I love those colours together!

Anonymous said...

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