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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I now declare this panel finished

Palm tree! Yes, you do get them on the west coast of Scotland. A roll of painted calico fringed at the top and caught down with........hmmmmm, goodness knows what. One of those must have things you buy at stitching day out that lies in your workroom for the next fifteen years until you see it sticking out for under something some day and thing, wow, that looks just like the bark of a palm tree.

Unless of course, unlike me, you file your fabrics by colour, size, texture and in alphabetical order.

Anyway, here it is, finished. Really enjoyed it. Off to hand it in this afternoon. Please don't let me come back with another one to do. As Forrest Gump would say, a box of chocolates may be nice but two boxes of chocolates will probably make you sick.

I would think it'll be seen more from this angle once it's hanging up in which case the cow's fringe and the palm fronds will hide a multitude.

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