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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thumbs up - part 2

You can make as many rows of caterpillars as you like on your hitch hiker's gloves. I made three and in each row I decreased one by missing the first stitch in order to take the diameter down to fit snugly around my wrist. If it's not appropriate for your hand, leave it out.

Once you're all caterpillared out and have finished roughly above your original cast on tail, change to single crochet. If you are snuggling it into your wrist, keep decreasing in the first two single crochet rows. I took it down to 16 st.

Work 5 single crochet rows in total then begin increasing (single crochet into the first st twice) for the palm of your hand.

Row 6: s/c increase in first stitch
Row 7: s/c no increase
Row 8: s/c increase first stitch
Row 9: s/c no increase
Row 10 s/c no increase
...or as many increases you you require. Continue single crochet until in the glove comes to the base of your thumb. Then the fun begins!

You could experiment with wrapping the yarn round the hook 3 or even four times and crocheting into each stitch. This time though, before you begin, you are going to make a turning chain, although you are not turning your work. This 'turning chain' makes your caterpillars stand up straight instead of bending over. So if you're having three yarn overs make a turning chain of 4ch before you begin. Four yarn overs, a five stitch turning chain first.

When you've done a few caterpillars, try on the glove and stick your thumb through one of the spaces between them and see if it's comfortable. (I know these should technically be called (quadruple half double something-or-others but to me they are forever caterpillars.)

More later...

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