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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rumple who skin?

A few doors down from the workshop of belonging to the lady who taught me to dye yarn meets a knitting group. I joined a few weeks ago and this week two of my new buds, Knotty Artisan and Knit1girl1 on Ravelry, taught me how to use a drop spindle in a Rapunzel like fashion to turn my dyed merino straw into gold. Well, into lumpy, bumpy yarn at this stage.

I made myself a spindle by gluing a wooden knitting needle with a cup hook screwed into its top onto an old cd. I was copying KA's design only she had used a jam jar lid. They both seem to work like a charm. Any minute now I'll be able to let down my hair and escape. Or am I mixing my fairy tales? Either way, better put some clothes on first.


Guzzisue said...

great spindle, handn't thought of using cup hooks like that, will be handy for cheap demos

Liz said...

Sal, I'm glad you posted a photo - I couldn't quite imagine it but the cup hook makes sense. Must try making one.

tinyshinythings said...

They work like a charm Liz. It is a bit of a waste of a knitting needle though. Any old piece of dowling would do. I hot glued it on, the theory being that with a bit of hair dryer help I can always hot gue it off again.