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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow - I've made a giant thing! I don't know what on earth it is, but it's almost eight feet long. It's a bit like an animal's pelt. I guess I was thinking if I could make yardage, maybe I could make garments.

I love the reverse of it where you can see the colours and textures of the bandage I felted it onto.

I deliberately left these gaps every now and then that are just bandage.

It's a bit heavier than I would have liked but as the last one fell apart I was kind of piling on the roving. A good experiment though. Very pleased with it. The learning continues...


diane said...

This is very exciting looking stuff. It would make lovely costume type garments. If you are looking to make lighter weight fabric to use for garments, I suggest you consider how much the entire garment should weigh first, then use just that weight of wool and spread it out stingily over the fabric base - still using the layering in one direction and crossing with another method to get a good solid fabric. I made a gauzy scarf with only a few ounces of wool on a scrim base and it is light and lovely. I have also made a wall piece that I entitled Yoda's Blanket because it was dense and holey and convoluted beyond usefulness!!! Felting is nothing if not infinitely variable.

tinyshinythings said...

Great idea Diane, thanks.