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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A thing of beauty

What on earth is this thing of beauty that has appeared adjacent to my favourite knitting area? Is it a pole for a very skinny pole dancer? No. It's a water feature. An unwanted water feature and definitely not a joy forever.
I live in a building with a flat roof. Not sensible architecture for a country gripped by its very own global warming induced monsoon season. There is no way I could sit here night after night listening to drip, drip, drip so I stitched a piece of thread into my now peeling ceiling and left a tail long enough to reach the bucket below. The drip now obligingly and silently rolls down the thread an into the bucket. It would be quite beautiful and fascinating anywhere other than in my flat! For the pragmatic amongst you who ask 'why don't you just get the blinking thing fixed?' I have had a man up. 'We'll do it when it's dry,' says he. But by then it won't be problem..............because hell will have frozen over.

1 comment:

MargaretR said...

What a clever girl you are Sal! Who else would have thought of hanging a yarn to soften the drip?