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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

success and learning experiences

I had a nuno felt experiment today, laying out out a variety of scraps for my base
I teased out my merino tops and rolled it onto some foam pipe insulation before unrolling it over my selected fabrics.
I had envisaged a fabulous, floaty felt wrap....duh..............! I didn't use enough tops to 'grab' the fabric and many of the fabrics were to heavy to be grabbed with tops on one side only.
Cotton lawn, haboti silk, silk chiffon and scrim were the successful fabrics.
Can you imagine this is the shoulder of a fabulous jacket with a fascinating textured lining...can you?

Taking on board the lessons I'd learned I dyed some more base fabrics. I used some reactive fiber dyes that I'd had hanging about for years, literally. They were left over from a schools project. Although they were stored in solution, I always believed if they didn't have they salt added to then, they would survive with no limit of time. I guess not. The colours are very ethereal but I'm just not an ethereal kind of gal.
So I over dyed using information generously shared by my online bud Helen Cowans. Helen introduced me to the idea of replacing the salt with urea with lovely strong results. Much more my kind of thing. Thanks Helen!

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Helen Cowans said...

Looks beautiful.