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Friday, October 13, 2006

Big Draw Day Five

A very quiet day in posh town today with just a couple of children getting paint on their Armani. One lady who told us she had ME said she thought her portrait looked ill. We have found that people do tend to draw the thing that is most important to them or uppermost in their mind which is interesting.

Big finale in the local museum tomorrow and I have all the verve and enthusiasm of a wet piece of string right now. Lets hope for a good night and renewed vigor in the morning.


barbara ac said...

What i think is so good is the way you are able to apply the things you know and get out there and DO them with all sorts of groups of people in ways that engage with them. I know a lot, but can't seem to think of things to do! Someone asks me to take an art/craft group my mind is blank! So consider yourself admired!

Grumpy said...

So consider yourself admired! >
Done and done Barbara. Thanks for that. I know very little but just blag my way through.

Excited about last day today. There is so much work to display. Should look excellent.

MargaretR said...

How I wish I could just be beamed up there to take a look! Mags

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tiger said...