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Sunday, October 29, 2006


Day two of the recycling conference was a big success. There were four workshops. Fastenings, bags, paper jewellery and string. Yes string, an all day workshop about making string which I had deliberately body swerved in favour of paper jewellery . Fortunately for me the string tutor was very generous and showed me
how to make it despite the fact that I wasn't officially in that group and it was fascinating. I crocheted that thing sitting in my hand that looks like a scorpion from my paper string. It's a brooch, before you ask. I did make some other weird and wonderful items, one of which was claimed by a fellow student in return for recommending me to her school as a potential visiting artist.

The paper jewellery was a very freeform workshop with a lovely gentle tutor overseeing us. No structure as such but just fab to have the opportunity to have a whole day handing materials and playing without a distinct aim in mind. We were a very disparate group. An anaesthetist, a teacher of refugees, a fellow embroiderer with a strong recycling slant and me. Once we broke the ice we had a great old laugh, talking our way through men and menopause to string and sex. Spot the odd one out.

Super conference, great fun. Wish it could have gone on all week.