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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big Draw

All ready for Big Draw week starting tomorrow. If it's not packed in one of these two boxes, it's not coming with me.
Years ago someone gave me a pressy of this great T-shirt on the back of which I've had BIG DRAW printed in large white letters. That's going to be my uniform for the week. I've taken a few examples of my favourite artists and unusual ways of drawing like this stitched face I did a while ago.

I was visiting some artists studios open to the public today and came away feeling so bad that I'm not making any of my own work at the moment. No more excuses - major effort required. Maybe this week of drawing will spark something off for me.


Helen Cowans said...

sally, Hope all went well today. The Tshirt is perfect.


Gill said...

Love the face Sally - so much depth of character there. One of those images which draws my eye in to take a closer look.

Cherry Rolfe said...

Don't feel bad! Feel motivated! You are a very busy bee - I love the sound of your 'Disenchanted' workshops - where are you?

tiger said...


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