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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Knock, knock, who's there?

Debra's comment sent me surfing again to try and solve the mystery of the envelope's blue insides. The preference for blue is still a puzzle but I did find this site where the image of your choice, even your portrait, can be repeatedly morphed into an envelope security screen. Is this the ultimate in megalomania? You thought having your Christmas card printed was posh? You ain't seen nothing yet!

I guess it's a bit of the old Chuck Close syndrome. Reads one way close to and quite another from way back. Any of us who make visual art will have had to come to grips with this one. My father-in-law drives me mad because he always knows better than I do and passes on his wisdom prefixed by the words.....I'll just give you a wee tip. So gentle reader, in the spirit of FiL, I'll just give you a wee tip to help you see how your work in progress is going to read. Get one of those door spy hole things and look at your master piece as if you were checking to see who the bad boy outside was. Gives a great illusion of viewing your work from a distance and you know instantly what needs to be done.

If your neighbour gets tired of you calling her up and asking her to stand across the hall clutching your latest UFO to her bosom, you could always nip down the hardwear store and buy a new door spyhole to keep in your pencil case specifically for solitary art viewing purpose.

Good way to get to know your neighbours though.


arlee said...

SNARF!!!!!!!!! too funny!

MargaretR said...

Sally, I love all your wee tips. No wonder your work is so good. I must get myself a keyhole.

Carol said...

A few years ago there was a lot black and white designs in the envelopes, and someone showed me how to use these to create Blackwork designs, a different design for each stitch

nadine said...

Sally - you're so marvellous. thanks for the "reminder" about the peek-hole tip for art viewing. this is brilliant, and i very much needed to hear this again. it's been many years since i've partaken in this activity.
But yes, i've been guilty of going to the neighbours & saying: "Would you try this on for me please?, i need to see it on a real body".

nadine said...

I thought the blue dots inside an envelope were for Security, no? to keep prying eyes from being able to see the contents of the envelope. No ?

Grumpy said...

Yes indeedie, envelope patterns for security Nadine. I was dreaming about blackwork last night Carol, bizarrely enough. Seen newspaper used to design it. Can imagine it done with envelope patterns too.

diane said...

There would be no point in actually traveling across the pond to meet you ... you and I are the same person divided at birth.
I have a pile of envelopes saved because of the patterns inside. Don't tell.