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Thursday, January 18, 2007


After finishing my book gluing yesterday I have a nice big wadge of pages to stitch into it when I go to the shop this afternoon. The shop is VERY quiet at the moment, as always this time of year, so I pretty much have four hours to myself each afternoon when I have to be there. I find being trapped and bored like this is a big creative kick in the pants for me. When the alternative is dusting it's amazing how creative you can become.

However, if I have a specific project in hand, like this Big Draw book I've been making, I tend to go at it relentlessly until I am unable to straighten up. SOOOOO stupid!! Anyway, it’ll soon be done and I’m debating whether or not to take my sewing machine back in the shop and get stitching. Not keen I must admit. If my February schools project engrosses me, that might take me up to Easter when the shop will be busy again and I’ll be saved from stitching. Phew!

On the downside, if I haven't made anything new that will mean I won't be able to take part in the several exhibitions I like to do each year. Oh well, maybe this will be the year to cut loose from exhibiting and move on.

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