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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Music and art

I'm intending to kick off my joint music and art project in the local secondary school by showing my 40 13 to 14 year olds this piece of work and asking them to image they have to compose a piece of music from it. I'm guessing they'll stare at me blankly........which will give me the opportunity to talk to them about art in musical terms. My good buddie Maggie, who is a proper art teacher and more besides, pointed me towards Kandinsky and like the virtuous girl I am (almost ALL the time) I've been doing my research. He had it going on. He could see the rhythm in art and hopefully, eventually, the kids will also be able to. I'll talk to them about the repetition, the combination and the change of scale.

Then I'll break the good news that their task is actually the reverse. They have already 'invented' as their music teacher calls it, their own piece of music. I think we're going to have them draw a graph of it and from that graph an expressive drawing and from that drawing a piece of textile art. There is a long distance between here and there and very little travelling time but at least now I have an approximation of a map which I'll adapt and add to as I go.


arlee said...

This would be a great exercise for all of us!

Grumpy said...

Go for it Arlee! You going to write music or make art?

Zaz said...

sounds great Sally - and thought through as usual! Can i come ?

I could certainly do with some good art instruction!