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Friday, January 26, 2007

Shruken heels

Anyone can shrink heads but it takes a woman of dexterity and talent to shrink a heel, wouldn't you agree? I finally bought myself a proper needle felting tool instead of trying to stuff a bunch of lethal barbed needles with a right angle at the end of their shank into a champagne cork. It doesn't work.

The needle felting tool with its lovely wooden handle works beautifully. I guessed the colours of roving I might need and ordered sight unseen over the phone with pretty good results. Only one dead duck and I'll be able to swap that with another felting chum.

The point (which I stuck into my thigh several times) of this needle felting exercise is repair holes worn in the heels of my much loved hand knitted socks. I don't want to have to do hours of mad stabbing motions all that often so I tried to make the replacement heels as substantial as I could. May have gone slightly mad with these. This is six layers of roving felted down and it is a little on the lumpy side. I have another pair with a three layer repair (try saying that with your teeth out) so I will compare, contrast and report back.


Diane said...

This is such a clever idea! I don't knit socks because it seems such a lot of work knowing they will wear at the heel. My gram always mended her stockings before she wore them the first time, I guess you could felt your heels before wearing them too.
One or two wearings and they will be even more felted I bet. You know ballerinas use wool in their toe shoes and when they put in new, the old stuffings are as hard as rocks.

Grumpy said...

I was thinking about preventatve repair Diane. My third pair are on the verge of holedom. I also have apair fresh off the needles. Think I'll just use the three layer repair though. The ones in the picture feel like high heeled socks when you wear them. Hhhhh, maybe I've invented a new fashion item?

MargaretR said...

You could make your fortune selling high heeled socks to short film stars. They say some of them have to stand on boxes to kiss the heroine don't they?