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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Button it

It's done, blocked and over with. Not blocked as in ironed but blocked as in sprayed with water, poked about a bit and left to dry. I do think this process relaxed the stitching a bit although it's still pretty textural. I did unravel the arms in the end and reduced the hook size but I'm still not convinced about the length. They may yet be ripped back.
This is a kind of wavy edge to edge cardi so I decided to make a cuff link arrangement using buttons joined together by a small piece of chain. A button will go through each protruding fan when the jacked was closed and will dangle cuff link- like from one side only when the jacket was open. I experimented with different, non-matching buttons.
I recently bought a beautiful John Rochas (diffusion line, not a catwalk ) crocheted cardi with, of course, crochet covered buttons. So for many, many hours I experimented with crocheted buttons. Here they are. Next step, cuff link manufacture.


ambermoggie said...

Well done Sally love the finished cardigan:)

Helen Cowans said...

Sally that cardi is just great. cAn you recommend a good clear guide to crochet for a beginner? Helen

Gill said...

wonderful Sally - love it!! This is the very first crochet garment I have ever seen which I would wear myself!