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Monday, May 07, 2007

Tour de Cumbrae

Last week was summer here in Scotland. This week it's October again. I cycled round the circumference of our neighbouring island on Wednesday and again on Thursday. No particular reason, just recreation (read house work avoidance). I have a folding bike, very versatile and light but with tiny wheels and only three gears. This week I graduated to a large wheeled grown up bicycle with 28 gears. I used to go on these Susie Madron Cycling for Softies holidays in France and have walked up many a hill because I didn't know how to work the gears on my bike. For a smart broad I can be pretty dumb sometimes. I used to think people who cycled up hills had legs of iron and wills of steel. I feel quite cheated now, knowing all they were doing was reducing their ratio (increasing their ratio?). Haven't quite got the hang of the maths yet but I do know if you click these little levers on your handlebars you don't have to sweat and strain and curse anymore. Well, cursing optional.

Now I want lime green, skin tight lycra. I don' care if I only pass one old lady, a dog and two rabbits on my morning cycle, I just want it, okay?


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

You are so lucky and clever to be able to ride a cycle. My children gave up trying to teach me after 2 years painful falling off. My M-I-L also gave up after 3 patient years. I used to watch all the cyclists in my family cycle off into the sunset, and meekly used to follow them by car. How I envy you your skill. Naturally I get very annoyed by environmentalists who tell me to get on my bike! Zimmerframe may be more appropriate. Keep up the good work Sally.

Best wishes


arlee said...

Ya gonna crochet that lime green spandex into bike shorts? :}