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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The crocheted buttons of awsomeness

You get the idea with the cuff link fastening? If you look very closely or click for the enlarged version if you can bare the excitement you'll see a tiny bit of gold chain joining the two buttons. I like the green ones but not the brown. Going to whip up a few different shades of pink and see if that tickles my fancy.
Forgot to take my crochet project into the shop yesterday and had to do WORK work instead of pretend work. Must remember to keep emergency project handy to prevent this from happening again.


MargaretR said...

Your buttons remind me of a coat I had with a swing back, very fashionable at the time with a row of huge crochet buttons like this. I thought I still had a couple of them somewhere too.

Jenn said...

Your buttons are beautiful! I can completely relate to forgetting a wip (or finishing one without having a new one handy) I have taken to storing one set of straight needles and a ball of yarn in my knitting bag, and another at work so there will always be a mitre available if necessary. :)
Glad to have found your blog :)
- Jenn