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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Here are a couple over over dyed bags. Nice, I like them. I make these calico bags every time I make a piece of textile art, to carry it to exhibitions in. If it sells, I get the bag to take home. I used to always write my name and addy in large indelible letters on the front. Not so hot if you're just doing your shopping and don't actually wish to give every passer by full contact details. You can still see the writing but have to strain to read it. Only very determined, eagle eyed passers by will be able to stalk me now.

I still have some undyed bags which will be good for showing the kids before and after samples.

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Anonymous said...

Sally, I've got that book but haven't tried it yet. These bags are so 'wantable' (have I just invented a new word here haha) and I think they'd be a great seller. Love your blog - Evie xx